BPA Takes On Nationals

Here are some of the happenings from the National competition of the Business Professionals of America trip on May 5-9, 2016.

We left Roberts for Boston about 5:35 AM Thursday mornging.  Although we planned on leaving at 5, someone slept in and as a group we had to drive to their house to get them out of bed.  We spent the next 4 days running constantly.  Although tired eyes were abundant we had a chance to have some fun while we were there.

Ryan Miller attended Nationals in a total of four events.  On Friday he competed in JAVA programming and tested in the Administrative Support Concepts competition.  On Saturday he competed in Fundamental Desktop Publishing.  Ryan was also in attendance for his achievements in the Torch Awards Program.

Abraham Hernandez, Brittany Prinkki, and Carter Moore all attended for their achievements in the Torch Awards Program.  They participated in the BPA Leadership Academy while in Boston.

Some of the other fun we had included a few tours.  First we took a trip up the SkyWalk Observatory atop the Prudential building in Boston and were able to lookout over the city at night.  The Super Duck tour included visiting some sites in Boston and Boston Harbor in an amphibious vehicle.  We also had time to visit the New England Aquarium, and a short trip to the Museum of Science. 

Roberts now has 4 new, well-seasoned travelers who can navigate a big city subway, chase buses down big city streets carrying luggage, sprint from connection to connection in major airports, and still manage to have a great attitude.  A big, big thank you to all in the Roberts community who helped make this trip a success!